Do You Make These Mistakes When Renting A Car?


When you are renting a car you want to be careful not to incur additional charges for things you really don’t need to purchase. The rental car company will try to get you to spend money on various things you can easily do without or provide on your own.

Before you rent a car you first want to compare rates between various companies. There is a wide range in the rate charged by different companies. You need to find out also if there is a charge for canceling the reservation, if there is a charge for returning the car early, and if the rate being charged includes unlimited mileage if this is important.

You will probably pay more money if you rent your car at the airport since there is a surcharge applied at the airport. It may be less expensive to rent your car elsewhere. Many rental companies will provide a shuttle to pick you up at the airport and take you to their rental agency to pick up a car.

You will be prompted to purchase rental car insurance for collision and personal liability coverage. This coverage may already be included on your own private auto insurance plan and your credit card may pick up charges over what the personal insurance covers. Check your policy and credit card coverage before you purchase more insurance. Of course, you may want the additional personal liability coverage or you may not want to risk an increase in your regular auto insurance premium in the event of an accident. In this case you may want to purchase the insurance from the rental company.

If you will be traveling a good distance be sure your rental car does not have a limit on daily mileage. You don’t want to have to pay extra for mileage.

Family sitting in the car looking out windows

If you are going to be using the car for several days or a week or more you may be able to get a discounted rate covering the time you need to use the car rather then paying the daily rate for each day.

An other option that will likely be suggested to you is pre paid gas. If you do this you do not need to stop and fill the tank before you return the car. However, even if the tank is half full when you return the car you’ll likely be charged for a full tank of gas.

If you include a GPS with your rental car it will cost extra. Try using your smart phone or your own portable GPS instead. You can always print out directions at your home or hotel before your trip.

If you need a car seat that will cost extra too. Some airlines will allow you to check a car seat for free so you might want to being your own car seat with you.

Pay for your rental car with your credit car and not with your debit card. The rental car company may place a hold on an additional sum of money over the cost of the rental until the car is returned. If you have a dispute with the company over a charge it is always better for that charge to be on a credit card and not a debit card.

You may find the car rental rates are lower when you rent from one of the smaller companies. There are several sites on line which will give you a comparison of car rental rates for various companies. Do your research and you will be able to save some money when you rent a car.