Does An Office Romance Ever End Happily?

People who work together in an office are often of similar ages and have at least one interest in common.  They probably live within a reasonable distance of the office and of each other.

Sometimes it is hard to find someone to date at what was once considered traditional places to meet people.  Instead of the ability to meet someone at church or a social event more and more people are meeting people through social media or on dating sites.

When people are together all day most days of the week there are times when two people become attracted to each other.  If you look with longing stares at each other or hang over each other at the desk your co-workers are going to notice.  There will be office gossip even if  nothing is going on with the two of you if your co-workers suspect a budding romance.

An office romance between two people who are single and roughly on the same level of management is sometimes viewed by co-workers and supervisors favorably.  You do not want to make your relationship too obvious or distracting.  No outward signs of affection while at your workplace.

There are some companies that have rules prohibiting dating between any employees.  Others have some less stringent rules about employee dating.  You need to know what the policies are at your company.

Before entering into an office romance think about the consequences if the two of you break up.  You will still be seeing this person everyday unless one of you change your employment.  In the event of a breakup will you be able to continue to perform your work responsibilities effectively?

There is a difference between an office romance between two single adults and an office sexual encounter.

It is not okay for a relationship to develop between co-workers if one or both of these people are married or even worse married with children.  It is not smart for a relationship to develop between a supervisor and a worker.  It is not okay to engage in a sexual encounter with the hope of advancing your career. It is not okay to engage in sex in the stairwell or boardroom.  None of the aforementioned relationships is apt to end happily.

Don’t think your indiscretions will not be noticed.  In an office atmosphere very little goes on that someone does not discover.

If you value your job you need to adhere to the policies of your workplace regarding dating among employees.

If you plan to date someone with whom you work perhaps it will be better for one of you to transfer to a different department.  Spending all day together (and probably all night) may put a strain on any relationship.

Whatever you do, when you are engaging in an office romance be discrete.  Leave your signs of affection for each other outside the office.

Some office romances have turned out very well.  Others have led to disaster.