Eight Hints For Successfully Managing Your Career

There are a number of steps you can take to be prepared to manage a successful career.

You need to keep a current resume which lists your current employment, your accomplishments, any awards or commendations, your education and previous employment information.

In addition to maintaining an up to date resume you should have a short biographical sketch of yourself.  This can consist of some information on what you are currently doing outside your job, a little on your interests, leisure time activities and family.   It may also include a business photo of you.  You may want to submit this biographical sheet if you plan to serve on a committee or plan to join a group.  The bio sheet can also be submitted with your resume if you are seeking employment.

Keep records detailing community service events in which you have participated and the talents you contributed.  If there have been newspaper articles about your service or if you have been honored for your assistance keep all of these items.  You may want to use these with a future employer.

When you have your annual review get a copy for your files and keep these.  Again they may come in handy in the future.  You want to also keep copies of speeches you have made or booklets you have written.

If you keep your business related files on a home computer you share with other family members be sure to save copies of these files to a USB flash drive in case they get accidentally deleted.

Be  very careful when using social media.  What you put on the web stays forever.  Employers do check you out on social media so you do not want any angry rants,  or nasty comments.  Always play nice when using social media.  Its for your own benefit

If you have your own files on your company computer or in file folders be sure to have copies at home.  People have been terminated from employment and escorted from the building without any chance to retrieve their documents.

Keep all your employment related information well organized and available so it can be easily retrieved when needed. Budget the funds necessary so you can stay current with ongoing education credits needed to further your career.

When you are applying for a position think before you either write or speak.  Never show irritation or anger.  Those who can communicate effectively come out ahead.