Family Owned Funeral Home Or Corporate Funeral Home

funeralFor many, many years funeral homes were family owned and operated establishments.  One generation would follow the other in running the family business.  The directors of the family owned funeral homes lived in the area and were active members of the community.

Today there are still these same kinds of family owned independent funeral homes.  However, in more recent years some funeral homes and cemeteries have been purchased and are run by one of the several corporations specializing in the funeral business.  At this time the funeral services corporations have a much smaller percentage of the market than the family and independent funeral homes.  Some people feel the corporate funeral businesses are less personal and more rigid with their services.  They are not handling as many of the lower cost funerals and are handling more cremations.  The corporate funeral homes are staffed with professional licensed funeral directors who offer caring services to their customers and provide continuing support after the services have been completed.

The family owned or independent funeral homes are, of course, also staffed with caring licensed funeral directors.  They can provided personalized service for you and offer a wide range of services at reasonable prices.  As members of the community calling on a family owned or independent funeral home may be similar to contacting someone you know.

Counseling can be provided both during the process of making funeral arrangements, through the services and after the services have concluded.

Both the family owned independent funeral homes and the corporate ones can assist you with pre-planning.  They can arrange for transfers if someone dies away from home.  They can arrange for either burial, entombment or cremation.  They can arrange for either a funeral service or a memorial service.

Whether you choose a family owned independent funeral home or a corporate funeral business is for you to decide.  Either can provide for your needs.  Its simply a question of which you prefer to use and where you think you will feel more comfortable.