Family Reunions

reuniiionLife today runs at a hectic pace.  Unless you make an effort to find the time your interaction with extended family members can become lost.  People always tell their relatives lets get together.  Then time goes by and the good intentions fall by the wayside.  Humans are social beings.  To remain fit mentally they need to interact with other people.

Having a family reunion every year or two is an excellent way to stay close with aunts, uncles and cousins.  Its a great way to stay in touch with your family history and your family roots.

Older family members will not be around forever and they have many family stories and memories to share with the younger generations.  A reunion is a chance for the older generation to get to know the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of their siblings.

Your children get to play with and learn to know their cousins.  They will also get to know the older family members and hopefully will enjoy the tales they have to share.  Of course, the younger children will especially like all the food and games available for them.

If some family members have had misunderstandings a family reunion can be a way to resolve the misunderstanding.

Reunions are places where your family members know, accept and love each other in spite of the flaws.

Family members of similar ages will naturally congregate together at a reunion.  This is a good networking resource and can be helpful both personally and professionally

Keeping in touch with family builds strong family units.  In times of trouble family members can be there for each other and provide needed support and comfort.  Knowing your family helps give you a solid foundation on which to lean and grow.

A family reunion does not need to be an elaborate affair.  If held during nice weather a cookout or picnic type affair is ideal.  It helps if each family unit contributes something toward the food and drink or helps by preparing dishes for the reunion.  The main purpose for the family reunion is the companionship and enjoyment of each other.

Think about planning a reunion for your family and don’t keep putting it off until its too late for some members to be able to attend.