Finding the Right Ladder for your Home

imagesYou will need some type ladder in your home to reach bulbs near the ceiling, reach high shelves, clean your  gutters, paint ceilings and many more chores around your home.  If you don’t have much need for a ladder you may want to consider a step stool to allow you to reach high places.  These come with two or three steps and are made of steel frames  The treads are wide enough to stand comfortably and there is a grip for your hands.  These fold for storage and work fine for anyone who is a little less steady on their feet or who is uncomfortable climbing a regular ladder.  Be sure to check the weight limit before purchasing one of these.

Regular ladders come in several types,  There is the traditional A frame ladder which is good and stable and stands by itself.  They often have shelves to hold tools or paint cans near the top so you don’t need to keep climbing up and down.  These ladders are not very tall since the height determines how wide the base needs to be.  They fold for easy storage and can be made of wood, aluminum or fiberglass.  Keep in mind that the wooden ladder is heavier than either of the others.

Straight ladders work well in close spaces and they come in longer lengths than the A frame ladder.  An extension ladder is needed if you want to access high places such as a roof.  With these the thinner ladder nests inside the wider one and you can raise the height with ease using a cord.  The thinner ladder will lock to the wider one at each rung of the ladder when raised.

ndshgewgThere are ladders that have a telescoping design and these will shrink or grown according to your needs. The sections lock in place for safety.

There are also a fairly new type folding ladder that has several articulated hinges instead of the scissor hinges on the regular ladder.  These articulated hinges allow you to bend the ladder in various ways and it can even be used as a scaffold if it is long enough.

Whatever type ladder you choose be sure to check weight limits and never stand on the top rung of a folding ladder.  Aluminum ladders are the least heavy and they can be stored outdoors.  Be sure never to use a metal ladder near live electric wires.

Ladders come in a wide range of prices and styles.  You need to determine how you will use this equipment so you purchase a ladder that fits your requirements.