Five Shrewd Strategies For Holding Onto Your Job

100861488In a competitive work environment it is not wise to simply come to work on time everyday and produce exactly what is expected of you. To better ensure that you will not be the person to go if some positions are to be eliminated you need to do more to protect your position.

  1. Learn everything you can about the company and what is done by the various employees. Become the person others seek out if they have a problem or question. Learn who to contact to resolve a problem or get something done. Have a Plan B in mind in the event Plan A go wrong. Learn how the various departments relate on each other. Be willing to assist with a project when needed even if it is not technically in your job description. In other words, be a good team player.
  2. Be willing to train and assist a new employee. Don’t consider this a threat to your own job. Instead be helpful whenever it is possible. You don’t want to give the impression of a know it all, just a willing, helpful, knowledgeable fellow employee.

Seminar3. Take pride in your work. Complete your tasks as diligently as possible while taking the time to be sure the task is done accurately and completely. Be willing to go that extra mile and do not rush out the door the minute the clock shows it is quitting time. Instead be willing finish the task at hand. Be interested in learning new skills that will improve your value to the company.

4. Don’t whine and complain to your supervisor about everything and anything so he cringes when he sees you headed to his office. Instead maintain friendly cordial relations with your supervisor. If there is the be a layoff the supervisor will find it harder to let someone who is an asset to the office go, but he will be happy to release the complainer.

5. Be positive when talking about the company where you are employed whether it is within the company itself or outside in a more social situation. You don’t want to speak negatively about the company where you are working.

You want to be the person who is the go-to person in the company. The person who also is a team player and the person who can be counted on to pitch in whenever and wherever he is needed.