Focusing And The Law Of Attraction

Sometimes when you want to attract something you become obsessive in your focus on that particular desire.  Whatever it is you desire is not happening fast enough.  Things are moving much too slow.

You may write and post affirmations trying to attract your desire.  You may develop tapes to listen to while you sleep to affirm your desire.  You may keep dreaming and telling yourself that you already have the thing which you desire even though it has not yet materialized.  When you are focused too much on the object of your desire you are defeating the Law of Attraction.  Focusing too much on your desire can cause resistance to allowing the Law of Attraction to deliver what you desire.

The Law of Attraction reads how you truly feel about your desire.  It does not listen to your words.  When you make affirmations which are not true, such as I am rich then the Law of Attraction receives the opposite vibration which is I am not rich.  The more you make these untrue affirmations, the more you give the wrong vibrations which will destroy your desire to the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction will go into motion once it can read your thoughts loud and clear.  It will come into play when you have clarity about your desire and have good feelings about it and are satisfied with a mental picture of your desire.  You will achieve your desire in the most efficient way if you do nothing more than get a crystal-clear feeling about what it is you truly want.

Once you have written or clearly stated your desire then hold it in your periphery vision and do not make it the focal point of your life.  Go on with your life.  You will know when it is time to again focus on your desire.  Perhaps you feel you want to make a change in a detail of your desire or perhaps you simply want to enjoy imagining how it feels to be able to achieve your desire.

Try writing down your desire and filing the statement away in a file folder.  The file can be within your peripheral vision, but not necessarily directly in your line of sight.  Once you have made your desire clear try to forget about it.  Then when your desire comes true refer to your file folder and your written statement.  You may be shocked to see that your desire has been fulfilled exactly as you wrote in your statement.

If it feels good to focus on your desire and you enjoy giving it attention, then do it.  Just do not force yourself to focus or obsess on your desire or you will defeat the Law of Attraction.  If you are forcing yourself to focus on your desire you are offering resistance to the Law of Attraction and you are slowing down the process and increasing the time it will take for your desire to be achieved.

It is best to relax, have a clear desire in mind and then allow the Law of Attraction to deliver whatever it is you desire.Searching_meaning_of_life_2