Food Allergies In Dogs


If your dog is licking his feet or passing gas or constantly shaking his head or having problems with an itchy rear end or ear inflammation or shows signs of a skin rash or hives he may be suffering from a food allergy.

Foods allergies in dogs is a genetic problem as well as an environmental problem.  Whatever the dog eats that he is allergic to will cause a reaction.  The most common food allergies in dogs are beef, fish, lamb, chicken. soy, wheat, dairy and corn.

To determine what food is causing the allergic reaction in your dog you need to do some detective work.  If your dog has been eating food containing only beef then it is easy to try a food which does not contain any beef and see if that causes improvement.  However, if your dog has been eating food which contains a variety of protein you will have to try eliminating the ingredients one by one to see what brings improvement.  Unfortunately, often dogs are allergic to more than one food.


If your dog is allergic to a protein in the pet food from one company he will still be allergic to that same protein in another brand dog food.  It is the ingredient causing the allergy and not the dog food brand.  An allergy to a protein such as beef will still be an allergy to beef regardless of which dog food brand contains the product.

It may seem strange, but even when a dog has been eating a food for a long period of time with no problems he can eventually develop an allergy to that same food.  In fact, food allergies do not usually happen the first time a dog eats a particular food.  It often takes some exposure to the trigger food before the allergy appears.

It is thought that some breeds of dog may be more prone to food allergies than other breeds.  Some breeds which may be susceptible to food allergies include dachshund, German shepherd, boxer, cocker spaniel and dalmatians to name a few.

Searching out the source of your dog’s food allergy can be a long difficult process.  When you finally find some foods which do not cause an allergic reaction  you may want to stick with these foods and alternate them every few months.