Funeral Service Or Memorial Service

serviceWhether you are having a burial or entombment or a cremation you will want to have either a funeral service of if the deceased has already been cremated a memorial service.

These services help us to express our thoughts and feelings about the death of someone we love.  It is a safe place to express our grief.

The funeral or memorial service gives us a chance to come to terms with the passing of someone we love and an opportunity to say goodbye.  It gives us a chance to have the support from friends and other family members as well as those people we know socially or through business.  It gives us a chance to honor the deceased.  The funeral or memorial service is a way to explore the meaning of life and death.

Funerals and memorial services have become more personal and can be tailored to reflect the personality of the deceased.  It may feature their hobbies, achievements and interests.

Various family members or friends may share their stories of the deceased or may convey tributes for them.  The funeral service or memorial service is a very important aspect of the grieving process.  The funeral services are usually held either in the funeral home or a Church with the body present for the service.  If there is to be a burial or entombment this usually follows after the funeral service.  Memorial services may also be held in a funeral home or Church or they may be held elsewhere such as a meeting hall or banquet room.  The cremated remains may or may not be present at a memorial service. The funeral or memorial service will help us to realize the difference between life before death and life after death.  The services will help us to come to terms with and accept our loss.