Garage Door Safety 

The door to your garage should be as attractive as the rest of your home’s exterior.  You want your garage door to be 100% safe and secure.  If your garage door is an old wooden door that moans and creaks when it is opened or closed it indicates your negligence regarding safety and style. 

In addition to looking bad, an aging garage door and opener can be a safety hazard.  It presents a real threat to your children and to your pets.  With the new garage doors and openers, the dangers of injuries and death from an accident with your garage door are greatly diminished. 

If you are thinking about remodeling your garage put installing a new garage door with a new opener at the top of your list.  

Many old wooden garage doors are huge, heavy and hard to handle.  They also are prone to crack and rot.  They are often noisy and creaky.  These old garage doors came in a variety of textures and styles, but they did not provide very much insulation for the garage.  

A garage door made of fiberglass may be an alternative to the old fashioned wooden garage door.  These fiberglass garage doors are inexpensive, resistant to corrosion, easy to life and they require little maintenance.  However, they also provide little in the way of security and insulation.  

A steel garage door will provide good insulation.  They are made of two or more sheets of steel alternating with a variety of insulating materials.  Steel garage doors are maintenance-free and durable.  You can purchase steel garage doors in various styles, shapes, colors and textures to suit your needs.  You can also purchase steel doors with windows, including the reflective type windows that provide a blurry view into the garage. 

The newer garage door openers are much safer than the older ones.  In the United States, since 1991 the law has required automatic reversal doors for garage door openers.  Optical sensors have been a requirement since 1993.  The sensor is a great safety factor.  If the sensor beam detects something in the way while the door is going down, the sensor immediately sends the door back up.  The new design provides a quieter operation and more security.  On the more expensive models the quiet options include a belt-driven trolley made of Kevlar.  A less expensive option is a screw-drive model with a plastic-lined track to lessen the noisy contact of metal-to-metal. 

Remote controls have been upgraded so now some have enough buttons to control the lighting or appliances in your home or garage.  Your remote control may also have buttons for the child-safe lockout and security codes which automatically change every time the garage door opens.  This helps prevent someone from stealing  your garage opener’s code. 

If you plan to install a new garage door and opener it is best to have the work done by a professional.  A team of professionals will have experience in making the proper adjustments that will ensure the sensitive equipment is installed properly to provide the maximum amount of safety.