Google No More: The Top 6 Alternatives to Google’s Search Engine

santa-clarita-search-engine-optimizationMost of us have the habit of going to Google when using a search engine. There are good alternatives available and you might want to check them out if you haven’t already used them.

  1. Bing may be the second most popular search engine today. It is Microsoft’s search engine. Formerly the Microsoft’s search engine was known as Windows Live Search and then MSN Search. In 2009 the search engine was updated. Bing is known as a decision engine. It will give you various search options which you might find helpful. Bing offers users the chance to earn Bing Rewards. These Rewards can be used in sweepstakes or you may receive gift cards.
  2. Yahoo is close behind Bing as a popular search engine. Actually, Yahoo has been around for a longer time than Google. Yahoo is a good choice for beginners on the internet. Rather than being a standalone search engine Yahoo acts as a web portal.

This search engine offers many other services such as sports, entertainment, games, news, shopping, etc.

  1. Ask is popular with a lot of people   It was formerly known as Ask Jeeves. You can use its question and answer format or you an use Ask like a regular search engine and receive results similar to Google. Try and see for yourself how it compares to either Google, Bing or Yahoo.

askeraser-home4. DuckDuckGo prides itself on not web tracking its users and maintaining the privacy of its users. This is a very simple clean search engine which keeps spam to a minimum. This search engine has some features you may appreciate if you like a well designed, clean search engine.

5. Dogpile Search was at one time a popular search engine before Google came on the scene. Dogpile is now making a comeback with a good quick presentation, a good index and helpful crosslinks. You may want to give it a try.

6. Yippy Search might be useful for you if you are looking for something that is more obscure. Yippy does a search for the deep web pages which are hard to find using the normal search engine. If you are looking for hard to find information you might want to check out Yippy.

There are hundreds of search engines available to use. Some are dedicated to a specific topic such as blogs, jobs, movies, TV, government, analytical information, educational information and just about anything else you can imagine. Most people do not use a multitude of different search engines. Instead they stay with one or two search engines which fit their needs.