Great Places To Retire

older-couple-beach-495x329Retirement is a time when you are probably thinking of making a change and possibly moving to a new place for your later years.

Your children are likely out of the house and on their own so the time to think about what you want to do is now.

When you consider a move to a new retirement spot you are considering the cost of living there and the availability of health care services.  Perhaps you want to move to a warmer (or colder) climate or perhaps you want to live in a busy city (or a quiet country setting).  You want to move somewhere you consider safe, friendly, affordable (unless money is not an issue) and a low crime area.

Several states have favorable tax treatments for retirement income.  However, if you plan to work part time the overall tax structure may not be favorable for that.

Where you will consider a great place to retire depends on what factors are most important to you.

If you are looking for a place which has favorable tax breaks for retirement income you might consider Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Montana, Nevada or West Virginia.

Housing costs may be lower in Ogden Utah, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania or Clemson South Carolina.

A few states that appeal to retirees include South Dakota which is affordable, has a low crime rate, a low tax rate and excellent health care.  You may enjoy living here is you like cold temperatures.

If you enjoy the outdoors you might enjoy Colorado.  It has a reasonable cost of living, low crime rate, good health care and favorable taxes along with mild summers with low humidity.


In Nebraska you will find a low crime rate and good health care.  Your dollar will go further here than in most states.

Arizona has great weather and a low cost of living and tax rate.  It has good health care, low crime rate and many outdoor activities.

Florida does not tax income.  Many areas have a relatively low cost of living and with it’s good weather and many beaches it is a favorite spot for retirees.

South Carolina has become a popular retirement destination.  It is tax friendly for retirees, has good health care and lots of  history and charm.

Some retirees have chosen to spend their retirement years out of the United States in a foreign country where their money will go further.  A couple may live well in places like Croatia, Ecuador, Spain, Panama, Ireland or Mexico on an income of less than $3,000 per month.  Of course, you will have to research access to airports and the level of  health care that is available as well as the safety of the area before  you decide to make this type move.

When it comes to choosing a spot for retirement there is no one place that is right for everyone.  You want to consider whether you will have access to favorite activities such as golf courses, fishing, hiking, cultural centers, beaches, fine dining – whatever is important to you.  It may be important to you to live within an easy commute to your other family members.  You want to choose to live someplace which is affordable for you, someplace where you feel safe and welcome and someplace where you will enjoy living.