Green Tea For Your Health

Green tea has been used for many thousands of years as part of the human diet.  In Asia, green tea has been enjoyed for ages.  Now it is gaining in popularity in the western world.  The health benefits of green tea is likely one of the reasons for its increase in popularity.

Recently medical and scientific studies have verified the health benefits of green tea.  Herbalists and those who practice alternative medicine have long believed that green tea possessed benefits for health.

Not everyone likes their green the same way.  I don’t mean the way they prefer to fix the tea to drink.  Some folks like a little milk in their tea while others like a splash of lemon or a little honey.  What I am referring to is the type of green tea people choose to use.  Green tea is available in three different forms.  There are green tea leaves, green tea powder and green tea pills.

Most people use the green tea leaves for their green tea. You take some green tea leaves (or the stems) and steep them in hot water.  The longer you steep the tea the more health nutrients you derive from the tea and the more flavor you will develop.  After the tea has steeped as long as you want, then strain out the tea leaves and enjoy your tea.

You are not throwing away the health-giving benefits of the green tea leaves when you dispose of them after they have been steeped in hot water.  The hot water has drawn out most of the nutrients.  There will still be only a small amount of nutrients left in the used tea leaves you discard.  You may get more nutrients if you could eat the entire plant, but you will still boost your health and receive healthy nutrients by drinking the green tea.

What if there is a way to ingest the entire plant?  Matcha is green tea powder and is made from the entire plant which is finely ground and has all the nutrients left intact.  This is a high-quality product containing all parts of the tea plant, however, it can be pricey.

Make sure if you decide to buy green tea powder that you are getting the pure powder.  You want the product to be labeled matcha.  You want to avoid the processed tea powder which has added preservatives and other chemicals.  The processed stuff is not the same as the pure powder and you will not receive the same health benefits.  The processed stuff will be much cheaper than the real matcha.  Keep in mind that you usually only get what you pay for.

The third way green tea is available is green tea pills. If you do not want to wait for your tea leaves to brew or you do not want to spend the money for matcha, you may want to try green tea pills.  The claim is that the healthy benefits of green tea has been put into the form of a pill.  If you decide to try these pills be sure you get them from a reputable supplement maker you trust.  This may help ensure you are purchasing a safe product that contains what you expect the pill to contain.woman-working-from-home-office-02