Handy Household Items You Shouldn’t Always Be Throwing Away

recycling-bin-with-recycled-materialAt times we all get the urge to get rid of the clutter in our homes. There are ways you can recycle much of the clutter and put it to use.

  1. Dryer lint – Put used dryer lint in a sandwich bag and use it as a safe fire starter for a camp fire or grill.
  2. Egg cartons – These can be used to store small craft projects or they can be used for paint palettes or you can put holes in the bottom of a Styrofoam egg carton, fill it with potting soil, and use it to start seedlings.
  3. Baby food jars – Great for storing small items. In the workshop you can use these for storing screws, nails, nuts, bolts, etc. You can put 2 screws in the lid of the baby food jar and attach the lid to a piece of wood which can be fastened to the wall. Simply screw the baby food jar into the lid. You’ll have neat storage and be able to easily see the contents of each jar. No more searching through drawers for the right nut and bolt.
  4. Plastic food tubs – These are good for storing leftovers. They are especially good for sending food home with guests.
  5. Outgrown toys – If you have outgrown toys donate them to a charity for less fortunate children to use. If the toys are washable throw then in the washing machine first. If you do not want to donate them try taking them to a consignment store and sell them.
  6. Outgrown clothing. – Some people are creative enough to turn outgrown closing into quilts. For the rest of us donate outgrown clothing to a charity for others to use or send them to a consignment shop and earn a little money.

womans-arms-full-of-clothes7. Newspapers – You can shred newspaper and use it for mulch. Newspapers can be used to start a fire. Newspapers can be used to wrap ornaments for storage and they can be used for drying windows either on your house or on your car.

8. Bread ties and clips – You can use these to organize electric cords. You can repurpose the clips and decorate them to be used as tags on gift bags.

9. Cardboard boxes – Use cardboard boxes to store out of season clothing, linens or seasonal decorations.

10. Suitcases – You can make a dog bed from a suitcase or your can use the suitcase for storing linens or clothing.

11. Books – Old books can be decorative or the pages can be cut inside and the book used to hid valuables such as cash or jewelry.

12. Buttons – Save the buttons when you discard a garment. It can come in handy when you lose a button and need a replacement.

13. Wine corks – If you are crafty wine corks can be used to make coasters, placemats or birdhouses.

When you decide to recycle some of these items you want to limit the amount you accumulate. It’s nice to be able to find a new purpose for something, but you do not want to overrun your home with too many things you plan to recycle someday.