Heating Your Remodeled Garage

You’ve remodeled your garage and now plan to use it as a home office or workshop.  There is just one problem.  The remodeled garage has a major disadvantage, it has no heat and it is cold. The garage was not originally meant to be a room, it was designed as a space for your car and lawn and garden equipment.

Using the garage area for a home office or workshop is not so much a problem in the spring and summer when the weather is warm.  Cold weather is another story.  With the very low temperatures you will not be able to continue working on your projects in the remodeled room unless you install some heating source.

There are various options available to warm up your garage room. Porcelain heaters work well and will warm up a nice area, but they are not meant to warm up a large area for prolonged periods of time.

Another option might be the kerosene heater.  Kerosene heaters are easy to turn on.  Many kerosene heaters have an electric starter.  In order to regulate the temperature, the heater should have a thermostat.  Keep in mind that kerosene heaters do function on kerosene which has a very distinct scent.  A kerosene heater will be a bad choice for you if you cannot tolerate the smell.  You need to be especially careful about a kerosene heater if you have children who will be coming into the room. Kerosene heaters can be dangerous around children.   Also, you definitely want to ventilate the garage very well when using a kerosene heater.

A better choice and one that is popular is a gas heater.  There are many models of gas heaters available and you should be able to find one to fit your budget since most of them are inexpensive.  You will need to hire a professional to install your gas heater.

A gas heater will give you a consistently warm room.  The heaters come in both manual and thermostatic control types.  Although the price for a thermostatic control type heater is a little higher than the price of the manual temperature control model you will probably be happier with the model that has a thermostat.  With the thermostatic control type heater all you do is set it on the desired temperature and let it do its job.

Gas heaters come in two types.  The gas heater can be either vented or vent less.  The vented model has a system that vents directly out of the garage.  The vent less model uses air from the room.  With the vent less model you need to keep the room vented at all times since the unit uses the air from the room where it has been installed.

The cost for operating either type of gas heater is pretty low when compared to the cost of operating either an electric or kerosene heater.

If you plan to install a more advanced heating system in your remodeled garage, like a gas heater, be sure to seek the assistance of a professional.