Herbs Which May Help Weight Loss

Have  you ever considered herbs as anything more than a great way to add flavor to your cooking?  Herbs have been around for centuries and have been used to heal and cure many ailments.  Natural herbs have a way of making you feel healthier and happier.

Plants are the source of herbs.  All parts of the plant – the leaf, stem, flower and even the root can go into the herb.

A wonderful aid for losing weight without risking the harmful side effects of some chemical based supplement is to consider the use of herbs.  There is a growing epidemic of overweight people today and this carries a risk of more serious problems such as diabetes, arthritis, heart disease or cancer.

Some herbs will increase your metabolism which can help with weight loss while others add fiber which may help as an appetite suppressant.  You do need to also follow a sensible healthy eating plan as well as engage in some regular exercise in order to accomplish weight loss.

Ginger works in your digestive system as a cleansing agent and a natural healer for control of stomach acidity.  It can help control blood pressure and cholesterol levels.  Fresh ginger is a good addition to have in your pantry to grate into various dishes.  You can add a little honey to ginger juice and this may help people with heart problems.

Guar gum is good for weight loss since its fiber content decreases appetite and thus may curb excessive eating.

Green tea is said to be effective for weight loss.  Oolong tea may be even more effective.  Both come from the same plan but are processed differently.  Both teas increase metabolism and include antioxidants.  The oolong tea contains more caffeine and seems to boast more energy.  More energy may lead to doing more activities such as exercise.

A few more herbs that are effective for weight loss are cinnamon, garlic, alfalfa, dandelion root and ginseng.