Hey Girl, Does Your Haircut Make You Look Less Attractive?



We all know that when we have a flattering haircut we feel good and feel more attractive and confident. The wrong type haircut can make us feel dowdy and frumpy since we think we look unattractive.

You should not find a picture of a model or actress and decide you must have that haircut. If the shape of your face is different or the texture of your hair is different then the photo, and you still insist on that cut, it may be a disaster for you. The haircut you wear should be flattering to the shape of your face. A good hair stylist will try to steer you away from an unflattering haircut.

Do you know if your face shape is long, oval, round, square, heart shaped or diamond shaped? Is the texture of your hair fine or coarse?

A long face is fairly oblong from the hairline to the chin. An oval shaped face has a wider forehead. A round face is widest at the cheeks. A square face has a prominent jaw line. A heart shaped face may have a prominent forehead and a definite taper to the chin. A diamond shaped face is angular especially at the cheekbones.

If you have a long face you should keep your hair shorter. Certainly not longer than shoulder length. If you hair is too long it will make your face look longer. Having your hair cut in layers will give some width. Bangs are good for a long face as they tend to make the face look shorter.

If you have an oval shaped face you can wear almost any hairstyle. You need to take the texture of your hair into account when you are experimenting with various hairstyles.

haircuts-for-oval-shaped-faces-vg9bg2l8When your face is round you want a hairstyle that will lengthen your face. If you are going to wear your hair shorter opt for a cut that gives your hair some definition. Avoid short layers and anything that will add volume to the sides of your face. This will make your face look too round. If you have longer layers it will make your face appear longer.

If you face is square try bangs swept to the side. If you have longer hair it will give some length to your look.

With a heart shaped face you will look best with layered hair either medium to long in length. Side swept bangs will cover the large forehead. Stay away from too short bangs and don’t have your hair cut too short.

If you have a diamond shaped face you can wear a shorter style that comes just about to your jaw line. This will bring out your cheekbones. You can try a long hairstyle too. Be careful and keep any bangs small or side swept.

When you are thinking of trying a different hairstyle talk with your stylist. She/he should be able to suggest a hairstyle and cut that will flatter your face shape and be right for the texture of your hair..