Hobbies May Help Relieve Stress 

With the hectic pace of life today and the increasing pressures in people’s lives, many folks are suffering from stress and/or stress related illnesses.  We have information, noise and distractions coming at us from every direction on an almost continuous basis.  It’s no wonder that we are simply overwhelmed. 

It is very important that we find a way to relieve some of this stress.  Hobbies may be the answer to helping with stress relief.  Hobbies are usually thought to be activities done by people who lead quiet, uncomplicated lives.  In fact, people who lead hectic lives and are stressed may benefit more from a hobby than a relaxed quiet person. 

Let’s face it.  Your body is not going to withstand being under pressure and stress for extremely long periods of time.  If you do not find a way to relieve some of the stress you are going to become ill.  Finding a hobby you enjoy may be the answer to relaxing and relieving some of your stress.  The important thing is to find the right hobby for you. 

There are any number of hobbies you might consider.  Perhaps you like to cook, paint, sew, play golf or tennis, work puzzles, visit museums, dance, sing, read, the list goes on and on.  You simply want to engage in a hobby that will let you relax. 

You want to find a hobby that will let you forget about your obligations and responsibilities for a little while.  You do not want to engage in any hobby that adds to your stress.  Perhaps you enjoy golf and think of this as a hobby.  It is not going to relieve any stress if you are competitive and become unhappy if you are not playing like a professional.   If you can play golf and enjoy it as exercise and a game then it is a good hobby for you.  If you cannot just relax and enjoy the game, then it is not a good hobby if you need to reduce your stress level. 

You don’t want to select a hobby that is going to put a strain on the family budget.  Again, you are asking for more stress and you are not giving yourself a chance to relax.     

Some people delight in a hobby that results in a finished product which brings much satisfaction.  Someone who likes to garden as a hobby may get satisfaction from a prize plant. Someone who likes to work with wood may get satisfaction from a new piece of furniture.   These people are relaxing and relieving their stress with their hobby.   And, they are getting satisfaction and enjoyment from the finished product they created.     

You may find stress relief just by stepping outside your normal everyday activities.  Find something to do that you enjoy and that lets you forget about the responsibilities and stresses in your life.   A hobby can give you something to look forward to after a long hard day at work.  Engaging in a hobby can give you a new perspective when problems arise.  It may enable you to learn to avoid the unnecessary stress and better handle the important problems that arise. 

Some hobbies are more relaxing than others.  You need to find the hobby that is right for you and will relieve your stress.