How Not To Take Care Of Your Sofa

Stylish-Green-Sofa-Set-in-Modern-Living-Room-Design-IdeasYou spend a good amount of money to purchase a sofa. You hope it will last for some years and still look good. If you do some of the things set forth below its almost guaranteed your sofa will get old long before it should.

It will be a difficult habit to break, but you should not sit in the same place on the sofa every time. We are all creatures of habit and are prone to just sit down in the same spot when we sit on the sofa.

Constantly sitting in the same spot will wear down the springs underneath and crush the fabric. For longer wear for your sofa, one day sit on the left side of the sofa and the next time sit on the right side. On another day sit in the middle. This way you will spread out the wear and tear on the sofa.

If you never turn over or alternate your seat cushions they will wear faster. Flipping your cushions and changing them around, if possible, will help eliminate sagging and will help the cushions maintain their shape.

Unless your sofa was designed to be used as a bed, sleeping on it frequently will damage the sofa. Your sofa frame and the cushions will eventually sag if you make a habit of sleeping on the sofa.

Keeping your shoes on and then putting your feet up on the sofa will make the fabric dirty and gritty. Children should be taught not to put dirty shoes on the sofa.

Not cleaning the sofa will cause it to wear. Just by using the sofa you leave discarded skin cells. In addition, the sofa accumulates dust and probably food particles. Vacuum the sofa regularly to prolong its life.

furniture-elegant-white-smooth-fabric-plose-sofa-with-full-sock-arm-and-dark-wooden-base-includes-pillows-also-rectangle-light-oak-wood-coffee-table-using-wheel-black-iron-legs-as-well-as-living-roomSpilling something on your sofa can cause a stain.   Immediately take care of any spills to avoid getting stains on your sofa.

Place your sofa in a sunny spot so the sunlight streams over it all day and you will have a faded sofa. The sunlight will also harm the fabric. If you place your sofa in the sun the side facing the sun will eventually be lighter than the side not in the sun.

Your sofa may also change shade if you have it placed too close to a heat source such as a radiator.

Working on crafts or projects on your sofa and dropping knives, scissors or pens on it can cause scratches on any wood or cuts and pulls in the fabric. Spilling paint or glue or leaving crayons on the sofa can cause damage which you may or may not be able to correct.

Pets are a wonderful addition to your household. Allowing your pet to sleep on the sofa is not a good idea. Permitting your cat to use the sofa as a scratching post will ruin the furniture very quickly.

With a little effort and care your sofa will continue to look good and stay comfortable for a good period of time.