How to Buy a Blender

vsfsA blender is a fairly inexpensive kitchen appliance which many families find indispensable.  It is small enough that is does not take up very much valuable counter space.  Blenders are used for making smoothies, frozen drinks, baby foods and much more.  Basic blenders typically mix, blend, stir and puree.  They may have added features to chop or grind foods.  If you plan to use a blender for frozen drinks you want a model that can handle ice and you probably want a model with at least 500 watts of power.

Blenders are available as stand models or as a hand held stick model.  They can have an attached electric cord or they may be cordless.

Stand models come in several different styles and sizes.  They may have either a stainless steel, glass or plastic jar.  Usually the stainless steel and glass jars are on the higher priced models.  The plastic jars work fine too, but they may scratch over time.  The only disadvantage to the stainless model is that you cannot see inside.   For easier pouring you want a jar that has a pour spout.  Food seems to stick less on a round jar model.  Its nice to have measuring marks on the jar which are easy to read and controls which are easy to use.  Models with stainless steel blades are probably more durable.

The blender jar may be a one piece unit or it may also have a bottom that unscrews  for easy cleaning.  You can easily clean either type by blending a little soapy hot water in the jar.

Some higher end blenders  have more powerful units which can make juice, process foods and cook soup .  These blenders may replace other appliances used for these functions.

The stick type hand or immersion  blenders are designed to be used for mixing, pureeing, creaming  and blending right in your bowl or pot.  They are available either with the cord or cordless and while the stand type blender uses counter space the stick type blender may easily be stored in a drawer.

Blender prices start under $50 and go up to several hundred dollars.  Prices depend on the functions and power of the appliance.  When buying a blender you need to consider how you will use this appliance and what functions are important to you.