How To Choose A Travel Buddy


Your traveling companion can have a big impact on whether you have a wonderful experience or have an unpleasant time. You want to make your selection of a traveling companion carefully.

If your traveling buddy is someone you already know well you probably know you are compatible and share similar interests. If you plan to travel with someone you either know only casually or someone you recently met there are several things to consider.

If it is possible try to arrange to take a weekend trip with the prospective travel companion to see how well you get along. This way you can see if there are any personal habits that drive you crazy. You can see if the person is flexible to changing plans. The two of you can determine if you are comfortable spending time and sharing a room together.

When you are considering a trip with a companion you want to discuss money. You should decide how much you want to allocate for daily lodging, sightseeing excursions and restaurant meals. It will be uncomfortable if one person thinks meals should be at a fast food joint and the other thinks a good restaurant is necessary. If one has food restrictions this should be discussed before the trip.

You are going to be spending many days with your travel buddy so it is important you can talk with each other. It helps if you have similar interests and like to visit the same tourist attractions.


It helps if you are fairly similar with the luggage you need for your trip. It can be very annoying if you travel with a single carryon bag and your companion lugs along a couple of wheeled cases that need to be checked and then retrieved from baggage pickup.

If you plan to travel with more than one travel buddy the dynamics of the group should include everyone. It three people are traveling together and two are close leaving the third person to be an outsider it does not make for a pleasant trip.

Check with your travel companion on how they feel about alcohol. Is it acceptance for you to have a drink or beer or two. Are they against any alcohol or do they go to the other extreme and drink too much.

If you have a problem while on your trip will they back off and allow you to handle the situation or will they try to take over.

Is the person you are traveling with agreeable to some down time or spontaneous activity or do they need to have a schedule planned for every minute of every day.

Traveling with a compatible travel buddy can be fun and enjoyable. However, it is better to travel alone than to travel with a companion who makes your trip miserable. Be sure you do a little research before embarking on your trip with a travel buddy.