How To Choose Crystal Jewelry

Crystal jewelry are treasures which are designed to last forever.   Often. a piece of crystal jewelry is passed down and enjoyed by many generations in a family.  Chrystal jewelry is meant to stand the test of time.

Many people choose these stones as a sign of their eternal love and affection for their partner.  Others purchase crystal jewelry for their own pleasure.  At times crystal jewelry is given as a special occasion gift to another family member or friend.

When wearing crystal jewelry, men should limit the number of jewelry pieces to one or two.  For women, they can to wear more pieces of the crystal jewelry.

No two pieces of crystal jewelry have exactly the same value.  They may look alike, but there will be variations in one of the four standards used to value the crystal.  There are four qualities (the four c’s) used to determine the value of the gem.  These qualities are the clarity, color, cut and carat weight.  Most gemstones are valued using these same standards.

Consider the color of the gemstone.  Crystal jewelry can cover a wide spectrum of colors, but the colorless diamond is the best.  Colorless gemstones are more valuable when compared to the off-white gemstones.  To the naked eye the difference in color grade is almost unrecognizable.  However, it is important when it comes to the value of the gemstone.  Fancy diamonds in well-highlighted colors of pink, blue, green, red and yellow are expensive, treasured and particularly rare.

Consider the clarity.  Whey buying crystal gemstones you want to look at the clarity first.  The clarity is determined by the absence or presence of inclusions which are tiny natural flaws or blemishes in the gemstone.  Although you probably cannot see these with the naked eye the value of the gemstone is affected by its clarity. The fewer and smaller the inclusions, the higher the price for the gemstone.  For a gemstone to be perfect there can be no inclusions distinguished when the stone is examined.

Consider the cut.  The cut of the crystal jewelry is an important variable affecting the value of the gemstone.  The cut of the gemstone has great influence on the brilliance and fire of the stone.  Cut can also refer to the shape of the gemstone like round (modern brilliant cut, eight cuts, old cut, Swiss cut, rose cut and chipping) marquise, oval, pear, heart, emerald or octagon.  Some other terms are square, oblong, triangle, princess and radiant cuts.

Consider the carat weight.  Carat is actually a unit of weight and not of size. The carat weight of diamond jewelry has come to refer to sizes.  Diamonds of the same weight should be about the same size when they are properly cut.  The sizes do not apply to other gemstones because their specific gravities are different than a diamond.

Just because a stone is bigger it does not necessarily mean the stone is more valuable than a smaller one.  The smaller stone may have a higher clarity and color or a more precise cut and may be of either equal or more value than the larger stone.

Remember the four standards of clarity, color, cut and carat weight when you are purchasing your crystal jewelry.Seven diamonds