How To Develop A Committed Relationship

Achieving and maintaining a committed relationship is not easy.  It takes understanding, trust and work to make a relationship succeed for a long period of time.

We all know, and may envy, couples who are committed to each other.  People are usually attracted to each other because of shared interests and because of sexual attraction.  No couple starts out being committed to each other.  A deep commitment is achieved only when the couple have been together for a long time and have made a determined effort to share all aspects of their lives, both the good times and the bad times.  When a couple has developed a deep meaningful bond from their shared life experiences this bond is difficult to break.

When two people first meet they are in what is often called the fantasy stage of a relationship.  Everything is wonderful.  The two of you cannot be together enough.  The sex is fantastic and the other person is the best thing to have ever happened to you.  The fantasy period may last for up to one year, but it will pass.

By the time the fantasy period has ended, the two of you have started to take each other for granted and you are seeing the other person in a different light.  You are no longer thinking the sex between the two of you is epic.  You are beginning to see some flaws in your partner.  Some habits you thought were endearing during the early stages of your relationship are now driving you crazy. You have heard the old saying of the honeymoon is over.  Well, when you partner’s habits start annoying you then you are past the fantasy stage of your relationship and the honeymoon stage for the two of you is over too.

Some couples move beyond this stage into a stage where they continually argue and fight.  When this occurs it is because the two of you are having a power struggle and neither person is willing to give any ground to the other.  Couples who manage to survive this stage of a relationship are successful because the couple has learned how to communicate with each other.  As a matter of fact, everyone needs to develop the art of communicating effectively.

Unfortunately, the art of communicating is rarely taught at home and is not usually taught in school.  Good communication can save many relationships.  This is a skill which can be learned.  There are books available on this subject which can help you develop your communication skills.

If you and your partner are lucky you will be able to survive and get past your power struggle and enter the commitment stage of your relationship.  Your relationship will be stronger because of all the trials and tribulations the two of you have been through and survived together.

Achieving and maintaining a committed relationship is something most people strive for.  When you are in a committed relationship the two of you love each other.  You have accepted the differences between the two of you.  You realize that both you and your partner have irritating habits and faults and you have learned to accept these.  In return, the two of you experience a deep and abiding love for each other.  You respect each other and you have learned to communicate well with each other.couple-looking-at-new-home_vrl1uz