How To End A Relationship In A Nice Way


When a relationship is not working you realize you will be better off if you end it. Just the thought of having to tell the other party that the relationship is over causes you anxiety and may even terrify you. You will stress over this encounter until you actually talk with the other person and tell them the relationship is over.

Notice I said “talk with them”. You must not end a relationship by means of a text message or by way of a third party. Be an adult and sit down and talk with the other party about the reasons you need to end the relationship.

It is better to end a non-working relationship then to continue because you don’t want to hurt the other parties feelings. If the relationship is not working for you it isn’t working for the other party either.

Let you partner know that you need to talk with them. Do not give the impression that this will be some kind of wonderful event. Set a day and time to meet. Do not make the arrangements too far in the future so the other party does not have a long time to wonder why you want to talk with them.

Arrange to have your discussion someplace private. You don’t want strangers or acquaintances to witness the breakup. Arrange to meet in a neutral place that does not hold romantic memories for the two of you. You want to end a relationship clearly and calmly and not during the heat of an argument. If you end it during an argument the other party may think what you are saying is just caused by the heat of your anger and you really don’t mean it. If you end the relationship calmly and clearly the other person will realize you are serious about it.


You don’t want to point the finger at the other person and declare they are totally responsible for the relationship ending. Instead explain that the relationship is no longer working for you for whatever reason. Perhaps the reason things are not working are that the two of you are now at different stages in life or that the other person has become too dedicated to their career or perhaps you have developed different interests. Do not berate the other party and point out what you consider to be their flaws. Whatever the reason for the breakup accept your share of blame for the relationship ending.

Having a frank discussion may seem harsh, but it is probably the easiest way to end a relationship. It’s certainly better then ending a relationship by avoiding the other party either in person or not answering their phone or text messages so the other party has to wonder what is wrong.

When you initially end a relationship do not snoop around on the other parties social media network and do not engage in lengthy phone conversations with them. This may give the other party the feeling you may still be interested in rekindling a relationship with them.

Whether you and the other party need to make a clean break or whether at some time in the future you can be friends is up to the individual parties. The dynamics of each relationship is different.