How To Fight Bad Breath


Bad breath is a problem for many people. Not only does it cause embarrassment it may be an indicator of a health problem.

If you have a persistent problem with bad breath, medically known as halitosis, consult your dentist to ascertain there is no serious cause for the problem.

Halitosis’ may indicate a health problem like liver or kidney disorder, acid reflux, bronchitis a sinus infection or dry mouth.

Bad breath usually originates from the tongue and gums. Bad breath can be caused by eating smelly foods. Everyone knows that eating garlic, onions, fish or some cheeses can cause a stinky odor to stay on the breath for a long time. Smoking and using tobacco products will cause your breath to smell unpleasant. If you do not eat and allow your stomach to become empty this too may cause bad breath. A low carb diet which cause a fat burning state in the body known as ketosis will produce smelly breath.

If you suffer from dry mouth try mints or mint flavored gum. Drink plenty of water each day to help avoid this problem.

young teenager drinking water after exercise.

There are some measures you should follow to help keep your mouth healthy and reduce the problem of bad breath.

It is important to brush your teeth twice each day to remove any food particles and plaque. In addition to brushing twice daily you need to floss your teeth at least once a day to remove particles a toothbrush does not reach. When you are engaging in your oral hygiene include brushing or scraping your tongue to remove any residue. You may either use your toothbrush for this or use a tongue scraper. Finally finish with a mouth wash.

If you wear dentures remove and clean them each night and clean your gums.

Snacking on crisp fresh vegetables and fruits will increase your flow of saliva and this may help clean the mouth.

Bad breath can affect how you feel about yourself not to mention how others see you. Taking proper care of your gums and teeth will go a long way toward good oral health and will help reduce the problem of bad breath.