How to Find the Right Ceiling Fan

062912_Ceiling-Fan-Best-SizesA ceiling fan is a good way to cut costs when cooling or heating your home.  In summer the blades move counter clockwise and give a wind chill which makes you feel cooler.  In winter the blades move clockwise and push the accumulated warm air from the ceiling back into the room.  Using the ceiling fan should help  reduce the amount of air conditioning and heat you use.

Ceiling fans are designed to be used in different type areas.  You can purchase fans for use in a dry room, in a bathroom with its high humidity or outside on a porch where is it exposed to the weather.  You will need to determine which type fan you require.  Then you need to know the size of your the room since this will decide the blade span you need.

Ceiling fans come with different designs and finishes.  Some come with lights, some come with remote controls or wall controls.  Most come with a pull chain attached to the housing which allows you to control the speed.  If you have a ceiling height of less than eight feet you need a low profile fan where the motor housing fits flush with the ceiling.  For a room with high ceilings you can use the suspended fan which uses a down rod to lower the fan down from the ceiling.  The blades on the fan should be at least 28 inches from any wall and at least 7 feet above the floor.

Ceiling fans come in many, many styles and finishes.  Usually the motor housing finish on the fan should match the metal in the room on items such as the doorknob, lamps, cabinet handles.  You may want to coordinate the fan finish to the décor of your room or you may just want a white fan to blend with a white ceiling.  You can choose a light kit in the fan and these come either with the single globe or multiple lights.

Ceiling fans weight roughly twenty five pounds so you need the electrical box able to support this amount of weight.  If you are mounting your ceiling fan in your bedroom you want to be sure it has a silent motor.

Ceiling fans come in a variety of styles and price ranges.  Be sure to choose a fan within your budget that offers the features important you.  You will probably be using the fan for years to come.