How To Make A Performance Review Less Stressful

Business man pointing to transparent board with text: Time For RPerformance reviews are something that happen each year and neither the employee or the manager like doing the review.

You are never going to make performance reviews fun. They are a necessary evil which can be made more pleasant.

It is just as important, if not more so, to give positive feedback for good performance. No one wants to hear negative feedback and managers usually do not enjoy giving this negative feedback, It is much worse if the negative feedback comes as a complete surprise. A better way to handle performance is to have open discussions all during the year. This way the employee is aware of any shortcomings and has the opportunity to work to improve his performance.

Be sure the employee knows what is expected of his performance at all times. Be sure he is aware of his strengths as well as his weaknesses.

Sometimes performance review forms are 10 or more pages long. This is much too long. It makes extra paper work for the manager and is overwhelming for the employee. A performance review should be limited to no more than two pages.

It is a good plan if the employee is given a sample form of the review before the interview. The manager can have the employee grade himself and the manager will do his own grading. Then the employee and manger can compare the results. For any scores that agree you can discuss these briefly. For those scores where the employee and manager do not agree you will have to determine why. It’s possible there is a good reason for the employees score to be higher then the manager and perhaps with an explanation the manager will raise his assessment. It may be possible the employee has rated his performance too high and the manager needs to explain why the score should be lower.

A good manager will have an open mind and willingness to listen to an employees concerns and suggestions.

people-working-at-businessThe manager should schedule enough time to adequately cover the performance review. He or she should also have reviewed the employees performance records before the interview so he or she is familiar with the facts.

Although performance reviews are probably here to stay and although no one really likes them, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Do not have any surprises at the review itself. Give performance feedback all during the year. Keep an open dialogue between employees and management.

Be open to comments, suggestions and exchanges going in both directions from employee to manager and manager to employee.

Be honest and considerate when participating in the performance review process.

If you truly hate performance reviews keep in mind they usually only happen once a year.