How To Make Anchovy Butter


When you are looking for something to enhance the flavor of your meat or vegetables you may want to use some anchovy butter. Anchovy butter does not taste fishy. It add subtle flavor to foods. You can turn an everyday meal into one that is memorable.

Anchovy butter is a variation of compound butter. Compound butter is butter which has some seasoning or flavor added to it.

Making anchovy butter is a simple process. A basic recipe is

½ pound of unsalted butter

10-15 anchovy fillets

Allow the unsalted butter to soften. Rinse any oil from the anchovy fillets. Finely dice the anchovy fillets and then incorporate them into the butter. You can do this using a fork or using a food processor.


Place the anchovy butter on a sheet of parchment paper or wax paper and roll into a cylinder. Then put the cylinder onto a sheet of plastic wrap and wrap up the butter. Tightly close the plastic wrap at the ends of the cylinder. Place anchovy butter in the refrigerator to chill. Anchovy butter may also be frozen.

If you want to vary the basic recipe for anchovy butter try adding 3 or 4 cloves of minced garlic, a splash of hot sauce, a splash of lemon juice and a dash of salt.

Anchovy butter is a good item to have in your kitchen to use when sautéing foods or to place on top of your cooked meat or vegetables before serving. Just cut off a slice of the anchovy butter you have stored in the refrigerator or freezer and let it melt on the dish you have prepared or use the anchovy butter to sauté the food you are cooking. The addition of the anchovy butter will add a delicious flavor boost to your foods.