How To Prevent The Need For A Visit To The Physical Therapist

physical-therapy-assistant1Regular exercise is important for good health. Experts recommend 30 minutes of exercise at least 5 days a week or 150 minutes of exercise weekly, You want to develop an exercise routine and then stick with your program.

Exercising on a regular basis will keep your heart and lungs functioning properly and will keep your muscles strong.

Physical therapists are professionals who are trained to help a patient resume or maintain his mobility. They are experts at helping you regain movement after an illness or injury. They will teach you how to make adjustments in the way your body can function if you have lost the ability to perform some of your physical movements. Even if you are not yet experiencing mobility problems or muscle pain a physical therapist can teach you how to properly exercise your muscles so you can keep your muscles strong and maintain your lifestyle.

As we age our muscles are not as strong as they were at one time. Proper exercise can help your muscles stay stronger and more flexible.

There are some steps you can take to try and stay strong and mobile and avoid the need for a visit to the physical therapist’s office.

You can avoid back pain if you can avoid doing heavy lifting. Repetitive lifting will put a strain on your back too. If you must lift something heavy try to get someone to help you lift it.

You can avoid problems and pain in your shoulders if you limit the amount of time you work with your arms raised over your head. This type of activity causes stress on your shoulders.

StretchThe most common type of pain is in the lower back and in the neck. This type of pain is likely the result of poor posture. You may be able to avoid neck or lower back pain if you use good posture when you are sitting or standing.

If you participate in sports you may be prone to knee injuries. When you learn to jump and to land properly you may be able to eliminate the knee injuries. When you are landing from a jump you want your knees to be directly over your ankles and under your shoulders. When you knees buckle inward on landing it causes extra stress and strain on them.

Injuries to the lower extremities can be the result of weak hip muscles. There are exercises you can perform to keep you hips strong and avoid these lower extremity injuries.

Practicing some preventative measures will increase your odds of avoiding a visit to the physical therapist‘s office.

However, if you are having problems with your mobility, are experiencing pain or want to know how to perform the proper exercises for your benefit, then a visit to the physical therapist clinic is probably in order.