How To Stop Farting


At sometime in our life everyone has been embarrassed by farting (otherwise known as flatulence). You let one go and the people around wrinkle their noses and look to see who was the culprit. If you are prone to farting excessively it can create a big problem for you.

You are not going to be able to totally eliminate flatulence. Farting is a natural process in the body. You can, however, gain some control over the problem.

Farts or flatulence can be caused by a number of different factors. If you are intolerant to lactose it can ferment in your stomach causing a buildup of gas.

When you chew gum or drink carbonated beverages gas can buildup. Beer is one of the most carbonated beverages people drink.

Some foods will contribute to gas buildup. These foods include beans, spices, potatoes, bread, dairy and meat. Sugar is broken down in your system quickly releasing greater gas when food is digested.

Smoking makes you swallow air and this will add to your farting problem.


Often the gas we expel is made up of odorless gasses. When we have smelly farts its because we have eaten foods which cause more potent gases to develop in the intestines when the food is broken down. The biggest offenders contain sulfur and include cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cheese, meat and eggs.

Usually farting is not a problem requiring medical attention. However, if you have involuntary very frequent flatulence, or you have cramps in your abdomen, or you release excessive amounts of wind and your farts always smell foul, it may be wise to consult your health care professional.

If you simply have the normal annoying farting problems some things you can do to help reduce the problem are:

Reduce your consumption of carbonated beverages

Limit you intake of sugar and starches

Stop smoking and chewing gum

You may want to journal the foods you eat and the time as well as when you fart and whether it was smelly or not. Journaling may give you guidance as to which foods are going to cause you to have the most problems with flatulence.

Taking probiotics which are supplements containing live healthy bacteria may help promote a healthy balance of the bacteria in your digestive system and this may help eliminate gas and bloating.

Some people have found success taking a beano tablet before eating anything. Beano makes gassy carbohydrate food more digestible.

There are several brands of activated charcoal capsules available, These capsules help prevent the buildup of gas and bloating in your digestive system.

While you cannot eliminate flatulence you can take steps to help diminish the problem.