How To Work From Home Effectively


More and more people are working remotely at home instead of commuting to the office or are conducting their own home business.

Working from home has advantages. You don’t have to commute and you can set your own dress code and work hours.

In order for you to succeed when working from home you need to consider employing a few guidelines practiced by those who work successfully at home.

Here are some simple tips to help you work effectively from home.

  1. Set up a dedicated work area. It may be a separate room designated as an office. It may simply be a table, chair and computer in a corner of the basement, attic or garage.

Wherever you designate as your workplace use the area strictly for work. When you have completed working for the day leave the work space until you are ready to go back to work on the next day.

Keep in mind that in order to deduct a home office on your taxes you need a separate exclusive space devoted to business use.

  1. Set a schedule for your workday. It need not be a regular 9 to 5 time span. Choose whatever hours are convenient for you and agreeable with your employer then stick to that schedule daily.

Be sure to take a lunch break and a few short breaks during the day.

  1. You can work at home in your fuzzy slippers or bare feet and pajamas, but you will feel more professional if you get showered and dressed. There is no need to dress in a suit and tie or dress and heels unless this is how you feel comfortable when you are working. A casual outfit of jeans and a shirt or top are just fine for working at home.
  2. Keep to your scheduled work hours. Just because you are working at home you should not stop in the middle of your workday to clean up the kitchen. Do your chores before or after working just as you did when you were commuting to a job.

Ways to Make Working from Home Work for You_05. If you need to be away from your work space let your co-workers know how long you expect to be away. If you are working for an employer let them know you will be making up the lost time later in the day.

6. Get out of the house each day even if it is just to walk around the block. You need to take a break and not stay cooped up in the house all the time.

7. Be sure you check in with your home office and co-workers on a regular basis to check on projects and keep up with the issues at hand. Respond to e-mails promptly.

8. Just because you are working at home it does not mean that you are available to take care of pets or watch children for your friends and family during your work hours.

9. Just as you did when you were commuting to a job you may want to delegate those routine tasks that interfere with your productive work. Have someone else handle routine tasks for you so you can focus on the important aspects of your business.

You can be effective and successful working from home. You simply need to develop the routines that work for you and will keep you motivated and on track to accomplish your tasks in a timely fashion.