How You And Your Pet Canine Pet Can Stay Fit Together

We all are aware that we need exercise in order to be fit.  However, it can be hard to be motivated to get up off the couch and move our body.  It helps if we have someone who will hold us accountable.  However, if there is no friend or family member to fill this role then your furry friend, your pet dog, will come in handy.

Having a dog is a sure-fire way to get and stay fit. You can incorporate your own fitness needs with those needs of your dog.  A healthy dog needs to get out and have some exercise.  It is good for both of you if you take the dog for a walk several times a day.   Walking is an excellent way to incorporate exercise into your routine.  Take your dog for a walk so he can relieve himself and enjoy being outdoors with you.  You can spice up your walk with the dog by including some power walking.

Start out walking slowly and allowing the dog to sniff and smell along the way.  Then pick up the pace.  By power walking you will increase your cardio and give your dog a workout as well.

If you live within a reasonable distance, walk your dog to the neighborhood dog park.  He’ll have a great time playing with the other dogs and getting a good workout.  You will get the exercise walking to the park and back and while the dog is playing you can socialize with other pet owners.

If you are near a beach take the opportunity to walk along the boardwalk.  You can enjoy the scenery and the breeze off the water while getting in some exercise.  If you really want to work your leg muscles take a power walk along the beach.  Walking on the beach can be a great workout for both you and your dog.  It is much harder to walk in the sand than on firm ground.

Dogs love to play.  When you are at the beach take your Frisbee and throw it for the dog so he can catch it. Dogs not only like to catch Frisbees they like to chase balls and sticks and such.  If you chase the dog a little this can be a good workout for both of you.

Most dogs love to swim.  A great way to get and stay in shape is for you and your dog to visit the beach and the two of you can swim together.  If you have a pool you and your pet can swim laps together.

Jogging is another excellent way to incorporate exercise and fitness into your routine.  Your dog can help you with this.  Find a trail that is a little hilly.  Jogging on the hills will give both you and your furry friend a great workout.   Jogging in the woods and on trails can give you and your pet a connection with nature.  When you are connected with nature you feel fit.