Is Divorce A Socially Contagious Phenomenon?

MW3_My_Parents_Divorce_and_Video_Games1Sometimes when close friends or family members are all getting married and having babies you feel pressured to do the same thing. You want to be like your peers. The same phenomenon may hold true when your friends and family members are divorcing.

A study done in Framingham Massachusetts collected thirty years of marriage data. The conclusion was that divorce may indeed be contagious. The study found that you are 75 percent more likely to divorce if an immediate friend or family member divorced. If a divorce happens to a friend of a friend you stand a 33 percent chance of divorcing.

This divorce contagion has been given the name “divorce clustering”.

You want to be able to recognize the symptoms that can lead you to “divorce clustering”.

If a couple in your social circle appears to be the perfect match and are divorcing you may take a closer look at your own marriage. Instead of realizing all the good aspects of your spouse you begin to focus on his/her faults. After all, if the “perfect couple” is divorcing maybe you need to rethink your own marriage.

divorce-in-law-chargebackers-inWhen someone you know is divorcing or has divorced you have a built in support person. You may feel that if they can do it so can you. You have someone with whom you can vent and share experiences.

Perhaps your divorcing friend is egging you on to end your own marriage. Perhaps he/she is pointing out all the things that are wrong with your spouse. Remember misery loves company. Don’t be swayed by your friend. You need to make up your own mind on such an important decision. Your friend may really think your marriage is all wrong for you. You and your spouse are the only people who know the true state of your marriage relationship.

There are some people who simply should not marry. They are not happy in this type of relationship. They are happier when they are on their own. When this type person divorces he/she may appear much happier and more alive. You may feel tempted to try for a slice of their way of life. You should not base your view of your marriage on the perception of anyone else’s life.

For most people deciding to divorce a spouse is a very hard decision. It should not be taken lightly.

If you notice your friends are divorcing and you begin to question your own relationship try going to counseling. You need to talk with your spouse and you both need to try and rekindle the closeness you once enjoyed.

Divorce may be the answer for some couples, but it may not be the answer for you and your spouse.

Although a study shows that divorce is contagious this may not necessarily be the case. Many couples are reluctant to take this drastic step and end a marriage. These couples are not swayed by the divorces taking place among their circle of friends and family members.