Jobs For The College Student

When you are heading back to college and want to find work you need to decide if you prefer working on campus or off campus. Of course, since the job market near colleges is competitive you may not be able to work where you prefer. When you are comparing the advantages and disadvantages of working either on or off campus here are some things you may want to consider.

It is convenient to work on campus. Companies located on campus usually hire students for part time work. These jobs are attractive since their location will be very near either your dorm or your classrooms making your commute very convenient and easy. This makes it worthwhile to work short shifts such as three hours. The on campus companies usually hire a good number of students so hours are pretty flexible.

Most of these positions will be in the food service, retail or maintenance sectors. The work may be very routine, almost boring. Some students may find this non-challenging atmosphere a nice break from the stresses of school. You will probably be working with your peers and this can be a way to make the working hours fun as well as a way to meet new people.

The jobs will usually pay minimum wage and unless you are working in a sit down restaurant or coffee shop you will not be receiving additional income by way of tips. If you are working in the food service industry you may get free meals or meals at a reduced cost as part of your compensation.

Colleges hire some students to work in their libraries, laboratories, publication offices, health centers, visitor centers, in the maintenance shops and with housing. These positions may include clerical, administrative, maintenance or research duties such as:

Information desk receptionist, parking lot attendant, childcare worker,

computer lab assistant, workout center attendant, sports photographer,

campus tour guide, alumni webmaster, or storeroom clerk

These types of jobs may pay more for more skilled positions. They also give you an excellent networking opportunity since you may be interacting with department heads and school dignitaries. The experience you gain with these positions will look good on your resume. You may find the hours are less flexible since you probably will not be working either Saturday or Sunday and will need to work longer hours on some weekdays.

If you are looking for evening and weekend shifts you might want to consider off campus work. Working as a bartender or serving in restaurants that sell alcohol can provide a higher income thanks to the tips.

If you are able to set up a regular schedule such as several hours a few afternoons each week you may be able to find employment with a childcare center, tutoring company or sports association. You need to be sure the schedule you are expected to work and your school schedule are compatible.

Alumni who operate businesses like to hire college students majoring in related fields for part time work. These students will, at least, be familiar with the terminology of the industry.

If you are going to work off campus you need to consider the commute problem. If you have to depend on unreliable bus transportation this will add to your commute time. If you are driving you need to consider the cost of gas, the cost of parking, the proximity of parking to your place of employment, and the amount of driving time necessary.

Keep in mind that many of the preferred jobs on campus and off campus will go to the work-study students. The employer receives a subsidy from the Federal Work-Study program for hiring work-study students. This means that if the employer hires someone at $10 per hour the employer may only have to pay $5 of their own money.

Students are paid at least the minimum wage when working a work-study job. The students are eligible for these work-study jobs as part of their financial aid package. The award package will specify the maximum amount of work-study aid permitted each academic year.

If you want to work when you attend college start researching available options early. Once you have a job, if it suits you and you are conscientious and dependable, you probably will be able to keep the job for the entire four years.