Keep Moving To Lose Weight

Maybe you’ve looked into the mirror and been shocked by what you saw.  Perhaps you are feeling fat and your clothes no longer fit as they should.  Or worse, your doctor has told you that your health is in danger unless you get rid of some weight.

You realize that now you really must do something to lose some weight.  You no longer have the option of just fooling around with dieting.  Once you have adopted the attitude that you are really going to do something to improve your weight and your health you are already well on your way to accomplishing this goal.

There is no secret pill or latest fad diet that is going to safely take off lots of weight in a short period of time.  Sure, there are lots of popular diet tricks such as cleansing and fasting and eating almost nothing.  This is not a healthy way to diet and any weight lost will probably come right back on as soon as you eat a meal.

Develop an eating plan which incorporates low fat dairy, lots of fruits and vegetables, lean meat, fish, whole grains and good fats.  Watch your portion sizes.  Eat more slowly so your body has a chance to realize it has had enough food.  You do not need to be a member of the clean plate club.

Dieting may make you think of self-deprivation and self-torture and so might the other part of the program that is needed for successful weight loss.  This second part of the plan is exercise.  If the word exercise gives you a negative vibe then think of it as something else like activity, play, sports, fun or movement.    It does not matter how you think of it, you just need to move your body and engage in some activities that will put your metabolism into high gear.

To engage in some activities and get your metabolism up you do not need to join and go to a gym.  You do not need any fancy equipment at all to get started.  Try taking a walk around the block and gradually increase the walk to several blocks and then even more blocks.  Climb up and down the stairs an extra time or two.  When stairs are available take them instead of the elevator or escalator.  Use some large soup or vegetable cans as weights and lift them.  Work in the garden.  Run the vacuum, scrub the floor, take the dog for a walk, play with the kids – do whatever you like as long as you are active.  Of course, if you want you can always join a gym or you can jog or participate in a sports team.

You want to keep moving.  Sitting in front of the TV or spending hours surfing the web is not going to help you lose weight.  If you find you need to sit for some time then try tapping your foot or twiddling your thumbs.  Just keep moving.  People may think you are nervous, but you don’t need to care about what anyone else thinks.

By watching your food intake and increasing your physical activity you will not only be able to lose weight you will also be able to keep the weight off by maintaining this healthy lifestyle.