Key Things to Know Before You Buy a Vacuum Cleaner

xfsaTo remove the dust and dirt from your flooring you’ll want to use some type of vacuum cleaner.  There are several types of cleaner such as the stick vacuum, upright vacuum or canister vacuum.  Each works well when used as intended.

Before deciding on a vacuum you should consider how often you vacuum and how much power you will need.  Do you prefer a machine with a bag or a bagless one.  Do you have allergies, pet hair or heavy traffic.

The stick vacuum is lightweight and does a good job on low pile carpeting and bare floors.  If you have a small space with not a great deal of traffic this may work for you.  The stick vacuum also does a good job for daily light cleaning.  Some have the removable hand vacuum making furniture vacuuming a breeze.

The upright vacuum does a good job on carpet with higher pile or in a large home with wall to wall carpeting.  Most have an adjustment for carpet height.  Some upright vacuums are heavy to maneuver and you need to take this into consideration.  An easy to maneuver model will make your vacuuming time less tiring.  Upright vacuums are also heavy to carry up and down stairs.

A vacuum with a bag is easier to maintain since you simply take the used bag and dispose of it.  The bagless vacuum needs to be emptied, but this is not any big deal either.  With the bag vacuum you need to purchase bags and with the bagless vacuum you probably will need to purchase filters.  The bagless vacuum should be emptied after each use.  The vacuum with a bag may start to lose power as the bag fills up.bvagfw

Canister vacuums are easier to use for stairs, under furniture and in hard to reach spaces.  Because of their size they can be used in more places than the upright vacuum.  It may be easier to store the upright than the canister vacuum.

Some vacuum also have special features such as a HEPA filtration system to relieve allergies or a spinning brush which pulls more debris from the carpet.

When purchasing a vacuum you want something with good suction that will do the job without hassle.  You want a machine that is powerful yet lightweight enough to handle without wearing yourself out.  Check out the many vacuums available in stores or on line and decide what is right for you.

There are also wet/dry shop vacuums available.  These do a good job in the workshop and if you have a water mess to clean they are a big help.