Lawn Care

lawMaintaining a beautiful lawn will add much curb appeal to your home.  If you are planning to sell this residence good curb appeal may very well translate into a higher sale price.

Different areas of the country need different types of grass seed.  Be sure your lawn is seeded with the proper type for the area where you live.  You also need to consider which part of your lawn is sunny and which part is in the shade in order to plant the proper seeds.  Some grass requires more maintenance than others so keep this in mind too when selecting your seeds.

You need a good soil in order to grow good grass.  Your soil should be a combination of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.  Some garden centers will test your soil and let you know what elements need to be added.

Keeping a healthy lawn requires that  you perform proper maintenance such as feeding the lawn at regular intervals and ridding the lawn of weeds, crab grass or thatch.

The summer season is a very hard time to keep your lawn looking lush and green.  If you want to maintain your lawn you need to water it regularly during the hot weather.  Do not wait until it has dried out and turned brown and then flood it with water.  If you have allowed your lawn to go dormant and choose to leave it in this state be sure to give it some water every two or three weeks in order to keep it alive.

During the hot weather do not cut your lawn too short.  Adjust your mower height to allow your grass to be about three inches tall so your roots can grow deeper and better handle the summer season.

A lush healthy lawn will provide a pleasant outdoor space for your family and guests to enjoy a barbeque or it may just provide a place to relax and enjoy the summer sun.