Long Hair 

Some women when they become new mothers find that life is much more hectic.  Some even decide that life will be easier, and time will be saved if they cut their long hair short.  There is no reason why Moms need to have short hair if they prefer wearing it long.  If you like your long hair and cut it short you may regret it.  Then you will have to wait until your hair grows out again. 

Think about it.  If you like to wear your hair long, taking care of it is not much more trouble than taking care of shorter hair.  When you keep your hair short you will be spending time on a regular schedule at a salon getting the hair trimmed so it is presentable.  Brushing long hair probably does not take much more time than brushing shorter hair.  And, you eliminate the time and expense of a visit every four or six weeks to a salon for a trim. 

For days when you are taking care of the home and the children or just running errand, if your hair is long enough, it is easy and practical to pull your hair back into a ponytail.  If you want something with a little more control, then braiding your hair might be the answer. When you are going somewhere special and want to look more polished, then you will want to do something more creative with your hair.  Long hair is versatile and can be groomed into any number of styles. 

Long hair can be flattering to most women.  It can make you look younger.  Well maintained long hair makes a woman look more beautiful. For someone with a round face long hair will make the face look leaner.  If the face is angular then long hair can soften the features.  Long hair will hide the edges on a square face. 

Another advantage of long hair is that it helps keep your neck warm in winter. 

Most people only need to shampoo their hair every other day.  When you go longer between shampoos the hair may begin to have an oily feel.  In summer it will sometimes be necessary to wash the hair every day.  If you don’t need to dry your hair for any reason you can simply knot it on your head and let it dry naturally.  Then, when convenient, you can brush out your dry hair.  On days when you are not shampooing your hair, simply twist your hair into a knot on your head while you take your shower and let it dry.  Even on hectic days, showering with long hair should not be a problem. 

Having your hair long is a great way to feel more feminine.  Some men prefer women with longer hair. They feel that the long hair makes a female look more like a woman and that the long hair is sexy.  Some men feel that short hair makes a woman resemble a man.  

Whether you wear your hair long or short is a matter of personal preference.  However, if you like your hair long don’t cut it simply because you think it will be easier.  Taking care of your long hair may take a little longer, but it may be worth the effort.