Low Sperm Count

2Infertility among men is rising at a slow pace today, but the number is rising.  One of the reasons thought to contribute to this problem may be saturated fat.  In a recent Danish study of men over age 20 it was found that those consuming a diet high in saturated fat had a lower sperm count than those who avoided the saturated fat.  Many men are not aware of this side effect of consuming the saturated fat and continue to eat an abundance of the product.

Saturated fat is found in processed food, fried foods, sweets, meat and cheeses.  Just about any food that is unhealthy contains saturated fat.  In addition to low sperm count, eating an abundance of saturated fat can raise your cholesterol level, contribute to heart disease and a number of other health problems.

You can change your unhealthy habits at anytime if you really have the desire for change.  Eating a healthy diet consisting of high protein, low fat foods including whole grains, fruits and vegetables in place of an abundance of red meat or processed foods,  may help with the problem of low sperm count.  Eating nuts such as walnuts, almonds, cashews, etc. will help your diet.  To improve your lifestyle and thus your health it is important to include exercise in your daily routine.   Cigarettes  as everyone is aware are harmful to your system.  It is probably a good idea to limit your intake of alcohol. Avoid energy drinks which only contain caffeine and a chemical and will lower your sperm count.

If your sperm count is low it might help to wear boxers instead of briefs for awhile to see if this makes any improvement.  It is also important to avoid frequent masturbation since this ejaculation will use up some of the limited amount of sperm cells.

Low sperm count may also be caused by an in-born abnormality or by trauma or an infection.

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