Make Your Customer Feel Comfortable

A good sales person needs to be able to put his customer at ease.  If you want to make that sale your customer needs to feel comfortable dealing with you.  One of the most important skills a doctor can have is a good bedside manner.  The doctor makes the patient feel comfortable and at ease.  This same trait is necessary to be a good sales person.  You may be offering the greatest product or service in the world, but if a customer feels uncomfortable dealing with you he may go elsewhere to make a purchase.

Whatever type sales situation you are in, it is important to relax your customer.  Think of the customer as if he is a guest in your home.  You are the host and so you want to make your guest as comfortable as possible in your home.  The more comfortable the customer feels, the easier it is for him to talk with you.  Making someone feel comfortable does not mean gushing all over them.  Be pleasant, sincere and professional.  Show interest in their needs and offer solutions.

When you are selling, it can be very challenging to persuade someone you have never met before to buy your product or service.  Some customers are wary of dealing with a new sales person.  They think of the stereotype of the used car sales person and this makes them wary of doing business with a sales person they do not know.  They are afraid this sales person will try to sell them something they don’t need at a price they cannot afford.

You need to find a subject to which both you and your customer can relate.  Something non-business.  Engaging in a non-business conversation is a great way to break the ice with your customer.  Of course, you want to make a sale, but there is no reason why you cannot get to know your customer too.  It is easier than you think to get a conversation started.  Most people like to talk, especially about themselves.  Don’t be too pushy, but ask questions about their work, their families, their pets and their hobbies.  It’s easy to ask the customer “what type pet do you have?” and this will start him talking.  Or perhaps, you might ask what type sports he follows and this will start a conversation.  Be sure to stay away from topics that can be sensitive such as politics.

As long as they can relate to the subject matter, people will enjoy talking.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Get to know your customer beyond the product or service they may need.

When it comes to making a sale, you are the secret ingredient.  You need to develop your strategies so that you feel comfortable when you are chatting with a customer.  When you feel comfortable in what you are doing, you will be better able to put your customer at ease and make him feel comfortable talking with you.

When your customer feels relaxed talking with you he is more apt to make a purchase of the product or service you are offering.  A customer who is relaxed and comfortable dealing with you often will come back again and again when he needs to purchase what you offer.  He may also recommend your services to other potential customrs.