Making Your Own Yogurt In A Crockpot


It is very easy to make your own yogurt in a crockpot.

To make yogurt you first put 1 gallon of milk ( you can use any type of milk, whole, low fat, fat free) into a crockpot and heat the milk on low for 2 ½ hours. The temperature of the milk should be about 180 degrees F. Then turn the crockpot off and let the milk sit in the crockpot with the a lid on for another 3 hours. The temperature should be down to 110 degrees F.

(If you want to make a smaller quantity of yogurt simply cut the ingredients in half.)

You can then add 1 cup of plain yogurt containing live cultures to the milk and cover the crockpot with a towel to make a dark place for the culture to grow.

Instead of adding yogurt you can remove 1 cup of the warm milk to a separate bowl and add 2 tablespoons of starter yogurt to the milk in the bowl. You only need the 2 tablespoons so don’t add extra starter. Stir or whisk the starter in the milk into the warm milk in the crockpot and after returning the lid to the crockpot cover the crockpot with a towel.


Let the crockpot with the lid on and the towel covering the crockpot sit for 8-12 hours.

Your yogurt should now be of a consistency just right for smoothies. However, for thicker yogurt you’ll want to strain it for 30 minutes or more. Line a strainer or colander with cheesecloth and place over a bowl. Let the yogurt drain till it reaches the desired consistency. For Greek yogurt allow it to drain for 3 to 4 hours.

Instead of straining you can a put the yogurt into the refrigerator for several hours and it will settle and the whey will be on top. You can pour off the excess liquid for use in cooking or drinks.

After the yogurt has reached the desired thickness put it into a bowl to store. You can leave it on the counter for up to 24 hours and it will become more tart or you can store it in the refrigerator right away.

You can add any type extras you like to the individual servings of the yogurt.