Market The Articles You Write

If you are someone who can write short articles with lots of information, then the Web is the place you want to market your talents.  People who are surfing the web for information are not inclined to read long articles.  They like to get information from short articles which provide the information they need.

You can market yourself by developing a website or sending out lots of emails to prospective clients in the hope someone will hire you.

Another way to market your services as someone who is available to write articles is to write

one very information very good article and include a resource box.

A resource box contains information about you.  The information in the resource box should be brief, but it should contain a good deal of information.  You want to grab the attention of the web browsing prospective client within the first few words so he will want to hire you to write articles for him.  Usually the resource box is placed at the end of the article.

As stated before, keep the information in your resource box brief.  Include your name.  It is not necessary to indicate your full formal name.  Indicate the name you want to be used for your check if you are hired.  Sometimes online writers forget to include their name since they are so used to using their email addresses and contact details.

If you have a website direct prospective clients to your website where they can view some of your formal writing samples.

Make a short pitch for business.  In a few short sentences describe why your services as a writer are unique, why you are special, and how you can help their business.  This pitch is referred to as your USP or unique selling proposition by some marketing experts.  It is the promise of fulfilling an unmet need.  Some other marketing experts refer to this short pitch for business as the elevator pitch.  It is what you would tell prospective clients if you were together in an elevator for a few minutes.

Keeping it brief is the key to a successful pitch for business.  You need to convey why your services are special in a few words.

First, invite people to visit your website.  In a brief sentence invite them to use your services as a writer and let them know that they will regret their choice if they do not use you to write their article.

Then give your current contact information.  Give only your professional email address.  Use your name@your mail (Google Mail and Yahoo are acceptable providers).    Using your name as part of your email address makes it easier for clients to remember your name.  Do not give any cute email address you may be using for your personal emails.  Keep your contact information professional if you want prospective clients to take you seriously.

If you make your article short and informative, and keep the information in your resource box short and to the point, you will have prospective clients contacting, you.  Advertise frequently and do it well and you can build up a successful business writing articles for