You are living a hectic stressful life and feel that taking some time to meditate will be helpful.  You have never learned to meditate and are wondering how to begin. 

Some gyms and health care facilities offer classes in meditation.  If attending a class is not for you, or there is nothing available in your area, you can find meditation tutorials on the internet.  This can be a good place to start.  Most of the available tutorials are good and take time to explain any terms which may be unfamiliar to a beginner.  In addition to tutorials on the internet there are lots of books and manuals available to help you get started. 

When you are starting out choose a meditation method that is easy to learn.  A walking meditation or a breathing meditation is a good starting place.  You might prefer something a little high tech where all you do is sit down and play a CD and listen. 

If you are experiencing problems with memory meditation can help with this problem.    Perhaps you forget things like birthdays, phone numbers, dates or names.  You can use meditation techniques to open the mind and allow the memory function to improve. 

Whatever method of meditation you decide to follow try if for a week or two to see whether or not this method works for you.  If it does then keep with it.  If it isn’t working for you then after about two weeks try another method instead.  Not everyone is going to find success with the same method. 

When you meditate you want a place that is quiet.  You can enhance the experience by using things such as essential oils or candles to help you relax and get in the mood.  Try to meditate at the same time each day.  We are creatures of habit and having a set time will make it more likely that we will do our meditation.  Set aside the same time each day, or a few days each week to practice meditation. 

Some people will find it easier if they get up a few minutes earlier and meditate first thing in the morning.  Other people will decide to meditate during the last few minutes before they go to sleep.  Meditating during the last few minutes before sleep can put you in a calm, relaxed state.  This is perfect for a good night’s sleep.  Some people find time to meditate during the day by skipping a television show a few times a week. 

If you are not able to devote time to meditate every day, then perhaps you can meditate on the weekend.  Saturdays and Sundays are not usually as hectic as the other days of the week.  Meditating on weekends will still give you the benefit from these sessions. 

Finding some time for a meditation session can be essential to your overall health.  Living with too much stress can undermine your health.  Meditating can help you learn to relax and handle stress better.  The stress can be released through your concentration and breathing while meditating. 

Once you have learned to meditate you’ll have access to the process for the rest of your life.