Misconceptions About Sororities

45986392.cachedThere are many misconceptions about sororities.

#1        One misconception is that you are paying to have friends because as a sorority sister you pay dues to the chapter.  Not true.  Your dues contribute toward the upkeep of the house if the chapter has one.  It also covers chapter expenses, sorority activities and philanthropy events.  The dues paid do not go to other members of the sorority.

#2        To become a member of the sorority a new member must submit to hazing.  Again, not true,  Most colleges have zero tolerance today for any hazing and in most sororities it has been eliminated.

#3        Sorority members are stupid and only interesting in partying, drinking and sex.  Sorority members, like most college students, are interested in pursuing their studies and so spend their time doing homework and working on projects and studying for exams.  Like all students they do participate in social activity and do develop lasting friendships.  Some sorority members do not drink at all while other may drink socially.

#4        Only certain types of  women can join a sorority.  Actually sororities are comprised of woman who have similar values and principles.   They may be differed shapes, sizes and nationalities and have varying financial backgrounds.

rs_560x415-150116103951-560.USC-Sorority.jl.011615#5        It takes an unreasonable amount of time to be a member of a sorority.  In the beginning you will need to devote time studying and learning about the values and history of the chapter.  You will probably need to make time to attend some meetings and ceremonies.  Being a sorority member does not require enough time that it will interfere with your studies.

#6        There are no advantages to joining a sorority.  You will make some lifetime friendships.  Some roles you handle in the sorority can give you some leadership experience which can be valuable in later life.  You will have the advantage of access to older chapter students when studying and those older members may act as mentors or role models.

#7        Sorority members may not associate with anyone who is not a chapter member.  Sorority members may associate with anyone they choose whether that person is a sorority member or not.

#8        Being a sorority member is more expensive than being a member of other organizations.  Fees will vary from chapter to chapter and will usually be most expensive during the first year.  Every organization has cost involved when you are a member.  It is simply not correct that you need to be rich in order to afford membership in a sorority.

Many women have found the sorority life to be a good choice for their college years.  It depends on the person’s individual preferences whether or not being a sorority member is something that is right for them.