Morning Sickness

Morning sickness can begin as early as two weeks after a woman becomes pregnant.  Often morning sickness is the first sign that she is pregnant.  Although it is called morning sickness because the feeling of nausea is usually in the morning, morning sickness can occur at any time during the day or night.

One of the causes of morning sickness is thought to be an empty stomach.  This usually happens in the morning after a night of fasting while you are sleeping.  Keeping some crackers or a biscuit next to the bed and consuming something as soon as you awake may help ward off the feelings of nausea associated with morning sickness.

Every woman will not experience morning sickness although most do have some problems with it.  Morning sickness may range from mild nausea or queasiness to feeling awful and being unable to keep anything on your stomach.  Some woman cannot keep any food or liquids down and immediately throw them up.  Morning sickness seems to be more severe in women who have a history of travel sickness or migraines.

Exactly what causes morning sickness is not known.  Most doctors agree that the changes in the hormone levels that occur during pregnancy are a major factor.  The changes in the hormone system changes the way your digestive system works and this can lead to higher levels of acid.

Pregnant women may experience a heightened sense of taste and smell.  This may be a possible cause of the morning sickness when an unpleasant smell or strong odor triggers nausea.

Pregnant women are often stressed and tired and tiredness and stress can help bring on the symptoms of morning sickness.

Usually morning sickness disappears around 14 weeks into the pregnancy when hormone levels in the body stabilize.  Unfortunately, however, some women will experience morning sickness for the entire length of their pregnancy.

There are many ideas about traditional cures or management of morning sickness.  Every women’s system is different so what is successful for one person may not be of any benefit to another woman.  No single thing is going to work for everyone.

Here are a few simple things to try which may help you feel a little better.  As stated before, have something near the bed to eat as soon as you awake.  You want to get rid of that empty stomach as soon as possible.

Sometimes sucking on an ice cube can help.  Also, drinks with fizz may settle your stomach.  Some women have found that fresh ginger will calm the stomach. You can try making tea with fresh ginger root of simply try chewing on a piece of fresh ginger.

The magnetic wristbands that you can buy for motion sickness may be worth trying.

Never take any medications when you are pregnant without first consulting with your health care professional.

If you are unable to keep any food or fluids down you run the risk of becoming dehydrated.  Check the color of your urine and if it is dark it is a sign your fluid level is too low.  Again, check with your health care professional.

When you are experiencing a bout of morning sickness it is more important to eat something your stomach will accept and not necessarily something truly healthy.  If chocolate is going to make you feel better have a piece of chocolate.  When your morning sickness has abated then you can enjoy the heathy food you should be eating.sleep_stress_weight_loss