Most Sought After Property Features


If you are considering some home improvements with an eye to enhancing the sale potential for your home here are a few of the most sought after property features.

With the ever increasing costs of energy having a home that is energy efficient is desirable. Some features that are sought after are insulated windows and doors, programmable thermostats, LED lighting, tankless hot water heaters and energy star appliances.

Some families are looking for a home that will work well for a family unit that includes several generations. An efficient use of space is important. Rooms should be functional for multiple tasks. One or more fireplaces can be an attractive feature and wood floors are often desirable.

Kitchens are being used more often as gathering places for casual entertaining. People want their kitchen to be not only efficient to use, but to also be attractive and inviting. An island in the kitchen is a plus. Many small appliances are now concealed and large appliances like dishwashers and refrigerators have panels so they look more attractive. Granite countertops are an important feature in the kitchen for some people.


A master bathroom with spa like features is another important feature. Soaking tubs are popular and so are oversized showers with seats.

Some home buyers like to have a master bedroom and bath downstairs. This can be a bonus as the homeowner ages. It also can provide more privacy for the adults when children are still living at home.

Plenty of closets, including a walk in closet in the master suite, as well as lots of storage space is important.

Other features people look for in a home may be a laundry room, a front porch or a deck or patio.

A garage and off street parking is another feature many people require.

Additionally, a nice size yard may be an important feature for some families. Families with children will appreciate a location on a quiet street and not somewhere that has lots of traffic.