Natural Ways To Beat The Cold And Flu


Unfortunately just about everyone gets the flu or a cold at some time or another.

You want to be able to differentiate between the two. With both a cold and flu your symptoms can include a runny nose, sneezing, coughing and a sore throat. But, if you have the flu in addition to these symptoms you can experience muscle aches, chills and fever, headache and fatigue. Symptoms of the flu may start more quickly that those of a cold and may be more severe.

To help prevent catching a cold or flu you need to take some precautions. When our immune system is not functioning at its best we are more susceptible to illness. Stress puts a strain on the immune system and so does poor nutrition. Try to avoid contact with people who are suffering from a cold or flu. Wash your hands with soap frequently, Get sufficient sleep.

If you do become ill and suspect you have the flu it is smart to contact your doctor. A prescription medicine such as Tamiflu can help shorten the time you are ill if the medicine is started within the first two days of the illness.

There are some over the counter medications which may help relieve some of the symptoms of your cold or flu. There is nothing that is going to cure either a cold or flu. These illnesses usually run their course somewhere between 3 and 10 days.


Some things you can do to help with the flu or cold are to get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids to stay hydrated. Hot fluids help relieve nasal congestion. Tea contains a natural bronchodilator so sipping hot tea may help. Try adding some honey to the tea to sooth the throat and provide antioxidants. Chicken noodle soup is a very old remedy for treating colds or flu and it still helps today. The soup can calm a cough and relieve a stuffy nose.

Try sleeping on an additional pillow so you can breath easier.

Take a steamy shower or lean over a steamy bowl of water to thin and loosen mucus.

Be sure you blow your nose when needed and do not sniffle the mucus back into your head. After blowing your nose wash your hands.

If at all possible stay at home and rest instead of trying to go to work. Avoid flying since the change in air pressure will stress your respiratory system.

Eight light. Try drinking some broth or juice some vegetables. Avoid eating heavy foods to allow your digestive system to concentrate on the healing process.

If what you think and have been treating as a cold or flu does not get better in a few days or a week or if symptoms get worse you may have a more serious illness.   You need to consult with your health care professional for advice.