No Thanks! The 8 Things You Should Never Buy Secondhand

Citywide Garage Sale 10-13-07 011Making purchases at a flea market or a thrift store can save you some real money. There are many items you can safely purchase secondhand. However. There are some items you should never purchase used.

Included in this list of items to never purchase secondhand are:

  1. Mattresses – used mattresses are full of the dust mites, bodily fluids and skin shed from the previous owner. They may even be infested with bed bugs. Mattresses wear with use and a used mattress can have the lumps and indentations from previous use so you will not get the proper support or comfort you want. Avoid purchasing a secondhand mattress.
  2. Bed pillows – For the same reasons you don’t want to buy a used mattress you don’t want to buy used bed pillows. You don’t want to sleep on someone else’s messy pillow and pillows lose their firmness over time too.
  3. Baby car seats – The technology for car seats is always being updated so you do not want to purchase a used older one. You have no way of knowing if the car seat was at one time compromised. Car seats are stamped with an expiration date. They are usually good for about six years. If you cannot afford to purchase a new safe car seat check to see if there is a program in your area to help you obtain a new car seat. You do not want to take a chance with the health and safety of your child.
  4. Baby cribs – New safety guidelines for baby cribs have gone into effect in recent years. There have been recalls for baby cribs manufactured a few years ago. You do not want to risk the safety of your baby by purchasing a used crib which does not meet current safety standards.

products crib5. Hats – Some hats cannot be washed so if you purchase a secondhand hat you are getting the shed skin and sweat from the previous owner. Not to mention the possibility of the hat containing lice. Pass on used hats.

6. Electronics – You are taking a chance with used electronics. The seller make have upgraded and is simply getting rid of his older items. But, the seller may be trying to unload items which have some type problem which will cost you money to have repaired. Unless you are purchasing used electronics from a licensed certified dealer it is probably wise to reconsider.

7. Scratched cookware – If a non-stick pan is scratched or flaking the chemicals contained in the non stick coating such as Teflon can get into the food you are cooking in the scratched pan. Cooking in a scratched non stick pan may cause health problems. Its better not to purchase a scratched flaking non stick piece of cookware.

8. Cosmetics – If you purchase used cosmetics you have no way of knowing if the cosmetics were previously used by someone with a virus or bacteria infection. You may be getting something more than just the cosmetics such as exposure to a contagious condition. You should pass on used cosmetics. However, if the cosmetics are being sold at one of the stands which sell many cosmetics in their unopened and sealed original packaging it may be okay.