Outdoor Furniture 

If you plan to use your porch, patio, deck or lawn as outdoor living space you will need to purchase some outdoor furniture.  Outdoor furniture is available in numerous styles, materials and price ranges.  Inexpensive plastic furniture is available and so is higher priced furniture made of teak, wicker, and various types of wood and metal.    Furniture styles range from the casual to the elegant. You want to choose something that will be comfortable for you and your guests.  The pieces of furniture you select will depend of the available space and way you plan to use your outdoor living space. 

You may want furniture resembling a living room set where you can relax, read and enjoy a beverage.  You may want a table and chairs where you can entertain friends and family.  Perhaps a sitting arrangement surrounding a firepit is more to your liking.  Outdoor furniture can be purchased in sets or you can purchase individual pieces of furniture to achieve your own design. 

To ensure comfort for you and your guests you want to consider including cushions for your chairs or sofas or bench seats.  Cushions come in a variety of materials, designs and colors and they can add a splash of interest to your outdoor furniture arrangement. 

Adding some side tables to hold a drink or a plant is a good addition for your outdoor space. 

All outdoor furniture is made to withstand the elements.  You will want to maintain this furniture so it is ready whenever you want to use it.  Maintenance of your outdoor furniture is important.  You will need to learn how to clean and care for it. The furniture can represent a significant outlay of money and you want your investment to last for a long time.   

Next comes the question of whether you need to purchase covers to protect your outdoor furniture.  Some things you will need to consider are how often you use your outdoor furniture, is the furniture stationary or mobile, how heavy is the furniture to move, do you have a place to store the furniture out of the weather?  Many people purchase covers for their outdoor furniture as a matter of convenience. 

A cover is a good idea if you want to protect your furniture from flying objects when the wind blows or you might want to eliminate the necessity to clean the furniture after a heavy rain or a present from the birda. 

Outdoor furniture covers are made from a thick gauge vinyl with a polyurethane lining.  The thicker the vinyl gauge, the more durable the cover.  The exterior of the furniture cover protects the furniture from the rain and snow while the lining is treated to withstand water and wetness.  Covers will protect your outdoor furniture from nicks and scratches.  They are made from woven fabric to allow airflow which helps prevent mold and mildew from forming on the outdoor furniture. 

Most outdoor furniture companies also carry storage for the cushions.  This allows you to store the cushions separate from the furniture frame. 

When it is time to use your outdoor furniture you simply remove the covers, give the furniture a light cleaning and enjoy relaxing in your outdoor space.